Why Foot Reflexology

Pressure or zone-based  therapies are over five thousand years old. It was Dr. William Fitzgerald, a general practitioner and ear, nose, and throat specialist in Connecticut, who had also worked in London, Paris and Vienna who by observing patients eventually created a chart on which the body was divided into the ten zones known to us today.

Eunice Ingham then refined the therapy in the 30s and wrote several books including “Stories the Feet Can Tell” and “Stories the Feet Have Told”.

These were the foundations of modern reflexology but today reflexology is experiencing growing recognition because of its effectiveness in the management of stress and pathological conditions. It is practiced in hospitals and businesses and is reimbursed by health insurances.

Personally I am fascinated by foot reflexology and am convinced of the positive effects it can have on people. As a nutritional therapist I am aware of the influences a reflexology treatment can have thus supporting various bodily functions including digestion.

You too can enjoy the effects, relax and walk on clouds afterwards.

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