My Goat Grenadine

Grenadine’s ancestors are probably the oldest and most widely spread domesticated species. Up to this day their milk, meat, hair, skin, dung as well as the tendons can be made use of.

Contrary to sheep which are grazers, goats are browsers and very curious about anything they can find. They will nibble at cardboard boxes, cans and bins but as herbivores, goats are very particular what they actually consume and so prefer the juicy fresh herbs and preferably young grasses, vines, weeds and shrubbery depending on what they find while grazing the hilly countryside around them.

Because goats have good coordination, are cheeky and intelligent they have been trained to pull carts and put on circus acts. If enclosed they will often find a way out by simply climbing a tree or push down a week fence and so seek that even tastier herb on the other side.

In the case of the goat, the grass is always better on the other side!

In Greek mythology it was the she goat Amaltheia who was responsible for Zeus. She was his nurse and nourished him with her milk. Later on Zeus had a shield made of goat hide – the Aigis and a horn of plenty – the Cornucopia – which was also used as a simple drinking vessel.

My Goat Grenadine suggests that we can all be a bit more curious and particularly about what we eat. Not everything that is presented to us has those juicy herbs and grasses in it, that would be vitalising and good for us.

Next time you are not sure what to pick from the menu, just think about Grenadine and what she might enjoy eating.