Tania Baier Humbel

Tania Kim Baier Humbel, Qualified Nutritional Therapist


After having brought me into a very cold world on November 1st in 1967 in Canada, my parents eventually came to live and work in Switzerland. I had the privilege of growing up surrounded by the alps with an abundance of snow in winter time, fantastic fauna and flora in the summer and fabulous scenery up and down the valley all year round.

My nutritional interested started very early on, when my parents told me not to eat so much bread. This was available in large quantities, with every meal and due to it always being fresh we all craved for more of it. At the same time we drank pure, cold and lovely tasting water which came directly from the mountain into our taps. A luxury I enjoy to this day and will never take for granted. There was always plenty of food, it was tasty and portions generous.

In later years in boarding school cold fresh milk was available practically at all times of the day. Sometimes there was none left and so we had to be content with water but in this case it was chalky water from the downs. Not bad but in comparison not quite the same. The choice of food was often greasy, fatty and fattening. The small portions of vegetables looked overcooked, limp and lukewarm and salad was always only available with salad cream. It was in these years that I put on the extra kilos which made me dislike my body for many years to come.

This was probably the reason why I kept an interest in food and catering. In 1988 I decided I wanted to absolve the Hotel & Restaurant School in Zürich. In order to get a place in the course, it was necessary to gain experience in the trade. But it was also time for adventure and so I ventured further afield and took up the unique opportunity to work in Toronto with Mövenpick. It was a perfect training program allowing me to look into all the various departments, trades and recipes. Being in charge of the many delicious ice-cream containers was the best job though!

After my training as a Restauratrice/Hotelière HF the interest in food cooled off a bit until I finally got my own flat in Zürich where friends and I enjoyed many evenings eating delicious spaghetti and drinking good wines on fold up chairs and rickety tables.

So when did I start getting interested in nutrition again? Good question! I believe it had to do with my being in search of a new direction and my mother’s kidney failure which finally made it click! Since that moment I have not looked back and enjoyed every moment of study, research, book, magazine, film, e-mail, recipe and my own grown produce including nettles.