Nutritional Consultancy Prices

Each client is a unique being, has a lifestyle of their own and deserves individual attention and assessment. With proper counseling, diet and lifestyle modifications, each one of us is capable of improving their own health, long lasting wellbeing and balance in life. Eat Well Be Well offers tailored services as no one diet suits all or offers the same lasting/durable effect(s).

Initial Consultation (60-90 mins*)

  • Detailed nutrition & lifestyle assessment/analysis
  • Goal Setting & action plan
  • Preliminary first recommendation

Consecutive Consultations (45-60 mins*)

The practitioner will advise the client and determine together which of the following next steps are most suitable at the time of the consultation:

  • Follow up on recommendations from previous consultation
  • Assessment summary and further recommendations
  • Diet recommendations with sample menus, plan and/or guide
  • additional recommendations e.g. lifestyle, fitness
  • phase 2/3 recommendations
  • guide to individual health challenges
  • nutritional longterm plan/guide to incorporate a healthy diet

Grenadine Business Lunch (from 60 mins*)

The Grenadine Business Lunch concept is perfectly designed to fit comfortably into the busy managers agenda. The consultation starts with a menu evaluation, ordering and then move onto assessing other menue options for future visits. On request this can include coaching eating manners and etiquette guidelines or simply be to revue/assess the clients status since the last consultation.

Supermarket/Market Shopping (60-240 mins*)

  • Visit & assessment of your local supermarket or food store
  • Visit to the fresh produce market. Assessment optional.
  • Regional & seasonal produce

Cooking experience in your own kitchen (from 60 mins*)

  • Assessment of kitchen equipment, food stuffs, condiments etc.
  • Cooking basics in your kitchen

Geographical evaluation of food shopping options

  • Assessment & recommendations of your local food outlet options

On request

  • A day on the farm – enjoy the experience of helping out on a farm.
  • Combi – nutritional therapy & foot reflexology massage
  • Business lunch etiquette


  • The houerly rate is CHF 120.00
  • The posted times are estimated durations and can change depending on personal requirements.
  • Clients will be charged/billed in 15 minute units.
  • Unless agreed otherwise, all payments are due in cash on site and include VAT.
  • Any expenses incurred during offsite consultations are at the clients expense.
  • On request assessments are available in written format within 10 days after consultation. The preparation is estimated at about 60 minutes per paper.


Please contact us for any questions. It is our pleasure to tailor our services to your requirements.